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West Pro-EC44 Profiler / Controller

EC44 West Temperature Controller / Profiler Features

Pro-EC44 is a 1/4 DIN process engineering controller/profiler with advanced automation control technology capability and modular I/O options for temperature control systems. Front panel setup for simple or advanced control tasks is fast and easy, with a step by step configuration wizard saving working through several menus. Logical menu structure for intuitive navigation allows fast changes and updates in the settings also.

Configure controllers without connecting to a PC

Configuration files can be downloaded to a controller using a flash memory stick via the front USB port allowing for fast programming. Settings can also be read via the USB port to clone additional devices or configure a replacement. Datalog files can also be extracted locally via the USB for convenient access of process data.

Easy access user operation

The Pro-EC44 pages are formatted to show users important process information on a single page, minimising the steps to access data and settings. A colour change green/red LED backlight provides easily recognisable alarm indication to improve response times for corrective action.

Comprehensive control

Single or dual loop capability in a single device, cascade, valve and ratio enhanced control with support features such as real time clock, timer, gain scheduling and profiler ensure Pro-EC44 has the flexibility for a process system needs. In addition datalogging, trending, USB, Ethernet options add more capability to this device.

Fast configuration via configuration interface

Direct access for programming is available via a top of controller connection port. The interface provides easy and fast access with Blue Control software.

- Sampling Rate: 10 per second.
- Resolution: 16 bits. Always four times better than display resolution.
- Impedance: >10MOhms resistive, except DC mA (5Ohms;) and V (47kOhms; ).
- Temp Stability: Error <0.01% of span per °C change in ambient temperature.
- Supply Variation: Supply voltage influence negligible within supply limits.
- Humidity Influence: Negligible if non-condensing.
- Process Display: Displays up to 5% over and 5% under span limits.
- Process Variable Input Offset: Reading adjustable ± Controller Span. +ve values added to Process Variable, -ve values subtracted from Process Variable
-Sensor Break Detection: Thermocouple & RTD - Control goes to pre-set power value. High & Sensor Break alarms activate.
- Linear (4 to 20mA, 2 to 10V & 1 to 5V only) - Control goes to pre-set power value. Low & Sensor Break alarms activate.
- Isolation: Reinforced safety isolation from outputs and other inputs


West EC44 1/4 DIN Temperature Controller