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P8700, P6700, P4700

West Plus Series
MaxVu Rail
MaxVu Rail
PMA Temperature Limiter

West P8700, P6700 and P4700 PID Limit Controllers

P8700, P6700 & P4700 limit controllers provide a latched relay output which is activated when process parameters either exceed or fall below the desired value, providing a fail safe cut-off which has to then be reset before the process can continue. LED indication shows when limits have been exceeded and when the relay is latched out.

With a full range of universal sensor input options, the + Series range  provide a valuable safety control element for most systems.

- Improved, easy to use HMI
- Configuration via PC/Customisable operator menu
- Auto-hardware detect/set-up
- Option for new MODBUS comms across the range (as well as West ASCII)
- Jumperless configuration
- FM approval

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Plus Series Limit Controllers

Plus Series Limit Controllers