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The Covimat rotational viscometer range from Solartron Mobrey offers accurate measurement where the fluids to be measured are shear sensitive. These non-Newtonian liquids can only be measured when the shear rate is known. Covimat rotational viscometers have the functionality of a variable rotation speed and measurement cell size, both of which define the shear rate.
The Covimat rotational viscometer is an ATEX approved explosionproof instrument.

The Covimat rotational viscometer from Solartron Mobrey is designed to reduce operating costs, due to its rugged construction and virtually maintenancefree design. This unique viscometer is magnetically coupled to the measurement cell giving the advantage of no moving seals.

Used in conjunction with the 795x Series Signal Converters, referred viscosity can be calculated using a variety of referral methods and a process temperature measurement.

- Internal or external rotation control
- Wide temperature and pressure range instruments
- Choice of materials for measurement cell
- Wide viscosity range
- Continuous measurement of line viscosity

- Printing inks
- Paint
- Polymers
- Coatings
- Pharmaceutical

Covimat 105 big
Covimat 105 Viscometer