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3098 Gas Transducer
3098 Gas Transducer
7835 Liquid Transducer
7835 Liquid Transducer
7812 Gas Transducer
7812 Gas Transducer
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7826 Liquid Transmitter
7826 Liquid Transmitter
7826 Long
7826 Liquid Transmitter
7828 Liquid Transmitter
7828 Liquid Transmitter
7828 Long
7828 Liquid Transmitter

Mobrey's 7835/45/46/47 family of liquid density transducers (which are based on Solartron's vibrating element technology) are well established as the industry standard for high accuracy on-line density measurement applications. The liquid density tubes feature a unique single straight-tube design and can handle liquids and slurries, and provide continuous, accurate instantaneous measurements. The 7835/45/46/47 familty of liquid density transducers are used in applications from high accuracy custody transfer measurement of crude oil and refined products to simple quality control applications such as % fat in milk.

-Straight-through flow path reduces pressure drop, minimises maintenance
-No moving parts or seals
-Unaffected by vibration
-Insensitive to flow and pressure variations
-Wide range of materials available to suit most applications
-Approved for use in hazardous areas
-Entrained gas version available

-Fiscal metering
-Food processing
-General chemicals
-Resource management
-Flue gas

-API degrees
-Degrees Twadell
-Absolute and referred density
-Concentration by mass or volume

Solartron has significantly expanded the application of liquid density measurement by integrating signal processing into the 7835 Family of Density Transducers.

-Lower cost installation
-Industry standard communication
-Direct analog and digital outputs
-Remote display option for local analysis or set-up
-Modular upgrade and expansion

7835 Liquid Density Transducer
7835 Transducer