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The 7829 Visconic Viscosity Transmitter is used for the measurement and control of on-line process viscosity applications. It simultaneously measures real-time viscosity, density and temperature and can be configured to output either dynamic or kinematic viscosity.

7829 Visconic Viscosity Transmitters build upon the proven performance of the 7827 Digital Viscometer and their essential accuracy and speed of response.

7829 Visconic Viscosity Transmitters are stand-alone instruments with an integral 4-20mA output and a Modbus RS485 communications port.

In similar fashion to the 7827 Digital Viscometers, the 7829 Visconic Viscosity Transmitters are vibrating element transducers that have many advantages over capillary, orifice and rotational viscometer types.

-No moving parts - Minimal maintenance
-Continuous measurement of viscosity, density and temperature
-User configurable 4-20mA output
-MODBUS output of all parameters
-Extensive range of process connections
-Option of Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel and Titanium wetted parts
-PC-based configuration tool

-Solvent addition
-Mixing and coating control
-HFO measurement and fuel oil burner control
-Pump management
-Quench oil

7829 Visconic
7829 Visconic Viscosity Transmitter