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7828 Liquid Transmitter

The 7828 Long Stem Density Transmitter is one of the latest developments in Solartron Mobrey's highly respected family of vibrating fork sensors for liquid density measurement. In addition to the renowned accuracy and reliability of the family, the 7828 is equipped with a configurable microprocessor-based electronics package which places full signal processing, calculation and diagnostic facilities within the transmitter itself. Factory calibrated, the 7828 density meter delivers on-line results within minutes.

All measurements are available digitally via the built-in RS485 / Modbus communications interface, for integration into existing plant data systems.

The 7828 uses a resonant frequency tuning fork as its sensing element. A change in fluid density will change the natural frequency of the vibrating fork. This change in natural frequency is continuously detected by the integral advanced electronics and the corresponding fluid density is updated on-line.

- Fully integrated "fit and forget" digital density measurement for monitoring and control
- Low cost installation
- Direct analogue (4-20mA) output of density, base density, or special calculation (% solids, °API, specific gravity, etc.)
- RS485 / Modbus communications
- Lengths up to 4.0 meters
- Rugged and reliable
- PC configuration tool for diagnostics and data logging
- Hazardous area approved ATEX II 2G EEx 'd' IIC T4

- Petroleum retail outlets
- Solvent separation
- Brewing (Wort Gravity)
- Slurries
- Evaporator control
- Product mixing
- End point detection in batch reactions

- Stable and accurate measurements
- Good "achievable accuracy"
- Tolerant of solids and bubbles
- No remote electronics
- Factory calibrated
- No moving parts
- No filtration required
- No routine maintenance
- No / infrequent re-calibration
- Insensitive to vibration

7828 Long Liquid Density Transmitter
7828L Transmitter