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6400 1/16 DIN PID Profiler - West Process Control Device

What is a West 6400 Profiler?

West 6400 1/16 DIN PID profiler process control device is one of the most powerful profilers available. Other profilers include West 4400, CAL 9500, ProVu and EC44 controller / profiler. N6500 has 16 free-format segment profiling capability in addition to a 4 recipe and features West's proven RaPID (Response assisted PID) control algorithm, which provides fast accurate control with simple set-up and use.

The N6400 allows you to save up to 4 programs in memory. Each segment can be either ramp or dwell. Programming can be in rate or time mode and the guaranteed soak feature protects the quality of your product by waiting until the PV is in range before starting a dwell.

A delayed start can be programmed through the front panel. Profile recovery allows you to re-start midway through a profile or begin again in case of interruption. Program active relay, event outputs and remote start are all available as options.

- Fast, accurate control via raPID fuzzy logic
- Saves up to 4 programmes in memory
- Programming in rate or time mode
- Guaranteed soak to protect production quality

The 4400 is a 1/4 DIN size profiler that can create a profile with anything from 1 to 121 segments. It can store up to 8 programs in the instrument, and uses West's dedicated software package to configure and store extra programs on a PC.

The 4400 features a sophisticated 'Auto Hold' facility which allows users to specify their own 'guaranteed soak' or 'track and hold' procedures, putting the profile 'on hold' if the actual temperature or process variable deviates from the operator's fixed parameters. Options include remote run hold, remote program select, 4 event outputs, real-time clock and power failure recoveries all of which add to the sophistication of this product.

The 4400 will enable the operator to see what the measured variable is and what set point is in use at any one time. It will show the number of cycles or time remaining in a designated profile, and whether the cycle is in ramp or dwell. It even allows you to save recipes by name or number and show these on the 8 character alpha-numeric display.

9500P Process Controller with Programmer
- Full PID auto-tuning process controller
- Total of 3 outputs, from 4-20mA, 0-5v, 0-10v, SSR drive, relay
- Input options: Thermocouple, 2 or 3 wire PT100, 0-50mV, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0/4-20mA
- Alarms with 5 options
- Heat-cool operation
- Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
- IP66 protection from front panel
- CE, UL & CSA approvals and 3-year warranty
- Monitoring and configuration software option
- RS232/485 options, Modbus RTU protocol

Programmer Features
- Up to 31 programs (profiles) and up to 126 segments
- Unlimited use of event outputs via the 2nd and 3rd outputs
- Copy/paste/edit/delete functions to simplify program building
- Call another program as a sub-program segment
- Up to 999 program loop cycles, or continuous loop cycling
- Hold back function to ensure the next segment is not started until the last
segment reaches set-point
- 3 power fail recovery options, (hold, continue or reset)
- Front Panel Interrogation of the program position
- Memory usage indication during programming
- Front panel 'release from hold' function to run the program

ProVU with graphic/text LCD display is an affordable temperature and process controller with advanced functionality including profiling and datalogging options.

The LCD screen on ProVU displays real-text messages, removing ambiguity that can be caused by mnemonic codes on LED displays.

Access to specific settings and parameters can be restricted by assigning them to password protected supervisor and configuration parameter access levels.

The process of configuring ProVU is simplified as a setup wizard runs on first power-up. The user is guided step-by-step through the common parameter settings to quickly program the unit. These settings can be saved on a memory stick via the USB port and can be used for reconfiguration or to program other ProVU units. BlueControl software can be used for on and off-line configuration.

Flexible input and output option boards mean that the controller can be selected to precisely match an application. Universal process input (Thermocouple, PT100 & linear DC), digital inputs, remote setpointinputs, RS485 and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) comms and up to nine outputs (relay, SSR driver, triac, linear DC and 24V transmitter PSU) are all available.

6400 Profiler         4400 Profiler

9500 CAL          ProVu West


N6400, N4400, CAL9500, ProVu PID Profilers